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Popular Wedding Flowers

By: Colleen Lennehan

With thousands of flowers growing all over the world it may seem hard to pick a handful of favorites, but when it comes to weddings, some blooms are chosen over and over again.

Many brides already have their “must have” flower list in mind before they slide their engagement ring on, while others need time to decide what blooms will go into their bridal bouquet.

We’ve created a list of 15 flowers that have been steadily popular over the past year. Terri designed each of these floral creations within the past few years and we gathered them all because they highlight one of the most used flowers by brides and grooms!

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Full List of the 15 Popular Wedding Flowers:

We’ve added in a price estimate for each as well, from one dollar symbolizing it’s on the cheaper side, to three, which means they are up there in price!

  1. Peony $$$
  2. Garden Rose $$$
  3. Rose $$
  4. Hydrangea $$
  5. Spray Rose $$
  6. Ranunculus $$$
  7. Succulent $$$
  8. Astilbe $$$
  9. Calla Lily $$
  10. Eucalyptus $
  11. Protea $$$
  12. Orchid $$$
  13. Baby’s Breath $
  14. Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace $$
  15. Anemone $$$


Photos have been credited to their specific photographers!

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Blooming Bouquets

By: Colleen Lennehan

We recently unearthed Terri’s bridal photo albums filled front to back with pictures of beaming brides, and blooming bouquets.

Many of the styles and looks are still trendy today, giving current and future brides and grooms some fabulous ideas and inspiration!

Classic Bouquet:

Brides looking for a classic and elegant look usually incorporate white flowers into their arrangements. All three of these bouquets have stunning roses, a staple flower in most weddings, and two are mixed with gardenias, and cala lilies.

Vibrant Bouquet:

Though pastels and subtle tones will always be a favorite among brides and grooms, this year many couples are opting for pops of color! These three bursts of bright blooms are a great example of this colorful trend. Hot pinks, orange, and lime greens are an easy way to create a punchy palette.

Earthy Bouquet: 

We love organic and earthy looking bouquets, which highlight the sweetness of the flowers natural look. Many brides who want this style incorporate shades of pink and lush greens to their bouquets and arrangements. These three examples show different takes on this growing trend!

We hope that one of Terri’s unique bouquets sprouted some inspiration for you! Whether you love subtle shades, punchy palettes, or a clean and classic look, there’s a bloom for everyone!


Florist- Terri Krisavage

Photos- Terri Krisavage Archives